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July 04, 2022


UFO over Iowa can't be explained, officials investigating

(Thanks to Frank)


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"Yeah, I remember when I had my first beer." - Another guy named Steve

Not much different than Kopi Luwak coffee.

How many South African gin&tonics are required to achieve this side effect, no wait, "Iowa" so let's go with the PBR mega case.

Sounds like somebody was watching CBS while cruising across Iowa in their autonomous vehicle?

That was a very articulate young man, Jacob Ferrell.

Did anyone else watch that video? I mean .. it looks like a beam from a flashlight, not a spacecraft.

I captured this footage of what I believe to be a UFO flying through the night sky in front of my driveway. I hope no one, except me, realizes this is a spider in front of my surveillance camera and my UFO video goes viral. And yes it landed and was very much EYEBALL-LOOKING.

Earth kids have their skyrockets and space alien kids have their space illusions. They both need parental guidance.

It's somewhat disturbing to find out aliens are keeping an eye out for us.

This explains all the Iowa cow-tipping. They attempted to blame it on drunken frat boys from the U of I (Motto: "Cute sheep!") but of course we know better.

In this case the "U" in "UFO" stands for "Unconvincing."

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