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July 29, 2022


California Fruit Stand Employees Find a Lost Wallet — and It Turns Out to Be William Shatner's

(Thanks to Doug Ogg)


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Sounds like just another episode of the UnXplained.

Space (between my ears) the final frontier. -W. Shatner

Mind meld -----would----have--worked.

He didn't lose it. I stole it!

It wasn't lost, it was right where he left it.

So now we know why Jeff Bezos invites wealthy businessmen and celebrities on his Blue Origin space flights.

Get them up into zero gravity...

Have them unbuckle and float around for a few minutes to shake out their wallets and loose change...

Then clean up the goods as they land and hastily exit for their egotistical media interviews and disorient the pigeons further with champagne.


Somebody must have opened a window up there for Shatner's wallet to land in California.

Why did they FedEx it? Once he knew where it was, why didn't he just beam it to himself? Yeah, Scotty's dead, but surely somebody knows how to work that thing.

When I was ninety-one
It was a very good year
It was a very good year but I've forgotten where I was
And anyone who was near
I kind of remember the Fruit Barn got lost in short term
But I could have sworn my being there everyone
When I was ninety-one

Isn't that Dave's tag line? "Oopsie, I forgot my wallet."

I bet he had a REDSHIRT carrying it and he (the REDSHIRT) disintegrated.

Heard during Shatner’s foray into space as a nonagenarian:
“Help! I’ve risen and I can’t get down!”

@ Death Row Doc

You should know that if an erection lasts for more than 4 hours, you should go to a hospital or see a Doctor A.S.A.P.

Nevertheless, this is not what his estranged wife has shared with her friends as their divorce is pending.

So they went where no man has gone before...into Shatner's money holder?

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