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July 25, 2022


Watch out for crickets.

(Thanks to B'game)


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Please take note South Florida highway departments as this can be adapted to work on iguanas.

The Oregon Department of Transportation would use a firecracker for each one.

We used to enjoy getting plowed after our concerts.

I think the frogs come next. Need to check the Utah desert for relevant obelisks.

My first question was how they know all of the crickets are Mormon. Are they riding tiny bicycles and handing out pamphlets? Details like this are good to know. We have crickets here in Flathead County, but no knows what religion they are.

A spokesperson for the Idaho DPW said the solution to this problem had plagued them for years.

I remember some years ago when I worked in downtown Austin, there were seasons when crickets would cover the brick exteriors of buildings and it was really creepy to walk past them.
I also remember when the university Mr. MOTW and I attended would spray the indoor swimming pool area for crickets and there would be a blanket of them crawling out of the building onto the parking lot. They'd leave quite a slick when squished by pick-up trucks. And the smell!

In the spirit world the Ghost of Buddy Holly plays his guitar and gently weeps for the Crickets.

Tell the Idaho Highway department to unharden their hearts, and let the people go.

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