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July 31, 2022


Since contestants on Jeopardy respond in the form of a question, you can imagine the chaos caused every time Ken called on Alexa and she answered with a question.

(Thanks to Rich Klinzman)


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What is "awl phucked up"?

We recently spent time with my cousins in Connecticut, and she uses "Siri" - with a British accent - on her phone for directions. Unfortunately, several times he was more like HAL in 2001.

What is "I'm sorry Ken, but all y'all phucked up"?

@Jeff - I use that voice and I call him "Jarvis."

You have to have the right tools to fix things. I have a nifty little three-pound sledgehammer that would be perfect for the job.

@Rod: I find my hammer particularly useful when it comes to eliminating those pesky electrically related glitches regarding modern electrical gadgets. Also it easily converts most appliances from digital to analog with one easy motion.

I'll take "Get a Life, People" for $200.


Alexa Silver...

Un-huh. What? I dunno about dat.

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