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July 27, 2022


Murder hornets are getting a new name

(Thanks to Allen at Divison, who says "I would have gone with 'Homicide Hornets' or 'Second Degree Manslaughter Hornets.'") (Also thanks to The Perts)


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So Ghislaine gets to rot in jail while these guys end up in witness protection? That's not right.

I saw Homicide Hornets open for the Monkees.

Yeah, somebody must have told them rebranding would improve their public image. Which, of course, never works. Sort of like Facebook becoming Meta.

"Lawyer Hornets" gets my vote.

How about, "Socially Deprived Hornets". Or "Misunderstood Hornets?" Or "Possible Future Offender Hornets?"

Dang, it's getting harder and harder to be PC these days!

A murder hornet by any other name would still murder

Announce their pronouns with their new name. Everyone's doing it.

Red Rum hornets. Hide the message with back masking.

^5 @Seeker!

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