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July 27, 2022


Hey team!

Reaching out as it looks like you represent some great platforms and found a few Great Products on the website as well.


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The clearance sale on sex toys and low-flow toilets ends today. Order now!

I don't mind them reaching out that much, but if they stop short, we're gonna have a problem and they're gonna hear about it!

I’m thinking that only within this context would I have read past “Hey team!”

Who wears platforms anymore ?

Similar to a text I got the other day. I stopped reading at..."Hi, my husband has been out of town and I haven't had sex for many days."

As God is my witness, I've never seen Dave wearing platform shoes.
However, I would like to know what Great Products Dave has been looking at.

Words of wisdom
"Never buy siding from a company with no fixed address"

I never made this "Team". I guess I was cut.

I think this team is located in Nigeria. I got a message from there once, beginning

Horned Sir,

We are looking for someone who is fairly honest...

Dave message has the same, almost-the-right-word feel.

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