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July 28, 2022


Oyster Festival Mascot Terrifies Everyone On The Internet

(Thanks to klezmerphan)


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That photo leaves me feeling clammy.

Aw, shucks!

It could be worse. It could look like the INSIDE of the oyster.

I used to study oysters once upon a time. Nasty things. I can't imagine how hungry the first guy to eat one must have been.

Looks like someone/thing found that lost meth shipment...

The time has come to talk of many things.....


So, what does the mascot look like shucked??

".. no one's really appreciated how cool and weird and messed up it is, until now. We're five years ahead of ourselves!"

You also have an enhanced opinion of yourselves.

Breaded and fried oysters are one of my favorite foods. Of course I also like liver.

A mussel of love...

Possibly related...

I think Pearl looks pretty hot. Confession: I've got a sexy poster of her on the wall next to my bed.

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