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July 29, 2022


Hershey says it won't be able to meet Halloween demand this year

(Thanks to Steve Bradford)


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Does this explain the potatoes in the Reese's pieces?

Nooooooooo! What am I going to do without my fun sized Reese's Cups, Hershey bars, and Hershey Kisses? Does this mean they won't be showing my favorite Christmas commercial (the old version) where the little kisses all ring out "We wish you a Merry Christmas"?
If Cadbury has a similar crisis we might as well just cancel Christmas.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the most heart-wrenching story I have ever covered. Hershey's is running out of chocolate for Christmas. I... I Just can't continue...Oh, the humanity!

It's another one of those supply chain things. Apparently there's a big backup on the Hershey Highway.

Is that because of the sugar shortage resulting from all those prolapsed anuses?

It would help if they would stick to their knitting and stop introducing stupid new products all the time. White peanut butter cups with crumbled potato chip pretzels. Ask the former devoted employees and customers of Saturn what happens when management can't resist adding to the product line.

So is chocolittle gonna be a thing now? Sure as heck it ain't gonna be chocoearly.

Just another sign of the coming apocalypse, 'cuz it's chocolater than you think.

I don't think I want the Federal government sticking their nose in my chocolate consumption.

If the pay is adequate and the chocolate of good quality then yes, I can help anyone.

There's always more USG brown-nosing in election years, but there's never a shortage of fudge on Festivus.

I predict an increase in the number of people dropping gravel in the kids' baskets.

Many years ago, things where so tough people said that kids would be lucky to get a lump of coal in their Halloween baskets or their Christmas stockings. Nowadays, have you seen the price of coal? The stuff is so darn expensive it'd be cheaper to give the kids a squirrel skin cap. Of course, they would have to catch and skin the squirrel.

Maybe Charlie Brown won't feel so bad about getting rocks in his candy bag this year.

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