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July 29, 2022


First Scottish Tree Hugging Championships

(Thanks to pharmaross, who says: "Why? I'm stumped.")


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There are no false expectations when you hug something that you know will never hug you back. Somehow it's comforting...

On the plus side, no sign of bagpipes.

It's enough to drive a beaver to drink.

Are they consenting trees?

No beavers allowed.

Them winner, of course, was Mongo, who, with one punch, dropped the giant Sequoia... oh, wait - this a hugging contest!
never mind

Scotland has trees?

When a man or woman really, really, falls in love with a tree, gives it hugs and kisses, it's time for their psychiatrist to increase their meds.

Hug a tree.

Eat a beaver.

RIP Tony Dow

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