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July 28, 2022


The quest to find $181 million in bitcoin buried in a dump

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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To the dump! To the dump, to the dump, dump, dump!

That's NOT the proper way to mine for BTC.

Arrr ! Buried treasure, as it were.

Time for a remake of "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World," I guess. Only instead of running around the country all the stars will just sit in front of computers running Google Earth. Doesn't sound all that exciting, actually.

Reminds me of the prime-time Jan 6 hearings.

Your Cash Ain't Nothing But Trash

@pad- that's a good one.

This is what I thought of (not as good):
“The kids who are going to find the Golden Tickets are the ones who can afford to buy bars of chocolate every day. Our Charlie gets only one a year. There isn’t a hope.” ~ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I grew up in Colorado mining country. Tales of lost mines and buried treasures have filled books. Now FOUND mines and treasures are a different matter. People who find, say, a coffee can full of $20 gold pieces, then run to the press to tell what they found are quickly buried in lawsuits claiming ownership because of all sorts of reasons.

This dude with his Bitcoins will be in for many unexpected problems, IF the disc is actually found by someone who just doesn't slip it in their pocket the IRS, is lurking, along with a plethora of completely unknown relatives and claimants. Lawyers will reap most of the benefits.

All of the old timers said that if you find a lost mine or treasure, keep yer trap shut and sell it off slow.

Worth $2.87 in actual cash.

I was probably 12, maybe 13 years old, and found a $20 bill sticking in a cyclone fence while walking down by the tracks. I'm still making monthly payments to the IRS in taxes owed and the p*icks have recently put a lean on my bicycle.

You know it'll be in the last place they look.

@man tom - lien - unless you are claiming the IRS kneecapped your bike and now it rides with a limp.

Chuckle @markhh

At least the press had the common decency to publish his full name - thereby ending his suspense and anxiety over whether his friends would all find out. Enter your new nickname for James down at his neighborhood bar here…..

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