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June 19, 2022


Chilean experts try to innovate children's diet with 3D printed food

Come and Get It, Kids! ...nutritional experts hope a nutritious menu of 3D printed food with ingredients of some dehydrated "cochayuyo" seaweed, some instant mashed potatoes and hot water, will revolutionize the food market, particularly for children.

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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I suppose the “moon shot” will be when we finally start to see 3D printed experts.

When it comes to nutritional experts, hope seems to be a four-letter word.

Please open your baskets.
Your ingredients for this round are:

- Cochayuyo.
- Instant mashed potatoes.
- Hot water.

Hey, stop laughing!!

If the parents are charged for 3D printed food, can they print a 3D copy of the money due and send the picture to them?

What was wrong with Pringles ?

And you thought it was bad when they said ketchup was a serving of vegetables.

Picky eaters will beg for seconds.

So pretty much ghost food?

NASA already tested it in 2013 with the idea of expanding the variety of foods that astronauts dine on in space.

"I'll have what he's having."

Houston: "Roger, Roger. Copy that."

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