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June 30, 2022


Anchovies are reportedly raining from the sky across San Francisco

(Thanks to Al Barkafski, Barry Nester, Ralph, Rich Alpin and vee)


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“From Half Moon Bay to Point Reyes, people are telling me they’ve never seen bait this thick,” said Larry Collins, president of the San Francisco Community Fishing Association. “I heard stories just last week from guys who said that the water out there was just covered with thousands of birds, and the birds were just sitting on the water with anchovies in their mouths because they can’t eat anymore.”

And you know what birds do when they are full.

I have heard about raining cats and dogs, but this is just silly.

Anchovies! Why did it have to be anchovies?

Maybe this will improve the smell of the city.

“almost got hit by a fish waiting for a bus”
Why a fish was waiting for a bus, we'll never know.

We’re gonna need a bigger pizza.

While a few peope felt that their pizzas were ruined, another faction just folded them into what they termed "fish tacos gigante".

New movie ANCHOVIENADO ? Nah.....

@nursecindy, keep them the hell away from my pizza.

If it's San Francisco it's probably not anchovies.

It's raining fish!
It's raining fish!

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