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June 23, 2022


Ohio State gets approval to trademark ‘The’ for merchandise

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Given their athletes graduation rates, they should have trademarked "Duh"!

Go Blue!


Victory for MSU!

Should we ask what The OSU’s preferred pronouns are?

And speaking of Michigan...

The best!

Cheeky buggers! I was here first!

Just a warning:
I'm trade marking "SHOUGA-A-LOGGA-BOOM-BOOM!

Wishing them all da best.

The Patent and Trademark office had gone WAY downhill since the early daya. Now nearly anything can be trademarked and you don't even have to show an invention works. Plus, you can patent stuff that was used long ago, but never patented.

Jim: No, that's for Michigan.

I don't know who thought it up, and I don'tknow why they keep on flogging it, but one thing I can tell you is how much I enjoy the way it irritates every body.

I hereby trademark all vowels. As part of my enforcement, Wheel of Fortune must be placed on permanent hiatus, as Vanna White now has nothing to do.

We folks who come from The Bronx will immediately appeal.

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