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June 07, 2022


A study shows women don't just prefer warm temperatures in the offices, their productivity increases with each degree warmer.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I kept the office thermostat set at "Meat Locker." I told my team (all women) that either they could put something on or I could take something off. Choose wisely.

"Sleeping bags, blankets, electric space heaters under the desk for their feet..."
"I'm sitting here in my work Snuggie .." Work Snuggie?

An office I worked at had horrible temperature control. Window cubes & offices were subject to external influence - cold in winter, hot in summer - so they compensated by extreme thermostat settings. This made all the internal spaces just awful. I had an old heating pad under my mouse pad because my wrist would just ache with cold. One day, my lead came over and asked me to move my mouse. Then he SAT on my heating pad to warm up. Yes, most of us (women and men) had a space heater under our desks or fans running to circulate the air. One guy wore a queen-sized quilt wrapped around his shoulders and over his head.
Now I work from home and I'm doing MUCH better. (a la John Astin)

Of course they're more productive when it's warm. Nobody's good if they're freezing to death. Our old office was so cold we wrapped up in coats, ponchos, and fingerless gloves even when it was 100 degrees outside.

This doesn't apply to just women, by the way. I keep my house at 80 in the summer, and still sometimes get cold.

And they laughed at Jimmey Carter when he claimed we could cure malaise if everyone just put on a sweater.

It's not just a coincidence that most men also prefer their women to be hot.

Except when they are having a hot flash.

Don't beleaguer them.

Classic joke: "What's faster, heat or cold?" Ans. Heat is. Anyone can catch a cold. I did not trademark this joke.

That study clearly did not include ME, who prefers the thermostat set at exactly 67 degrees, summer and winter.

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