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June 25, 2022


NASA wants its moon dust and cockroaches back.

(Thanks to Ralph and AmoebaStampede)


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"Leave the cockroaches, take the moon dust."

The mad scientists at NASA fed those innocent cockroaches dust from outer space! This could have led to gigantic mutated, flying roaches that could easily have eaten Miami. There is a song about an eggplant from outer space eating Chicago.


The dead cockroaches probably won't have any trouble finding a lawyer to defend their rights.

And I want my youth back, so we have a problem, Houston.

@Le Petomane – it's not Miami, but they're already here!

(Both this and the eggplant song were proudly featured in the Dr. Demento cassette tapes I bought during my middle-school years. The New Kids on the Block fans didn't know what they were missing.)

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