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June 02, 2022


Older boozers recover FASTER from surgery than teetotallers, study reveals

(Thanks to Le Petomane, who says "Finally, a study we can believe in.")


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We older boozers ALWAYS do better at bed-rest.

Older surgeons recover faster with booze than teetotallers.

Heck, I start recovering even before the surgery.

Well, color me healthy.

I have always believed in using preventive medicine. Brandy works to stop coughs even if you think you might cough later on. Beer (real beer) is chock full of natural grains and hops. Why take chances with your health when you never know when you will wind up in an ER? As the old saw goes, "some booze everyday beats apples for keeping doctors at bay."

I'm a health freak for sure. I don't drink anymore. Of course, I don't drink any less either.

Bourbon also works as a preventive medicine for snake bites, as never once have I been bitten by a snake.

We have more practice recovering from anesthesia. Last time I had surgery they had to keep applying more and more. They had me count backwards from 100 and I got into the negative numbers before I dropped off, mostly from boredom I think.

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