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June 20, 2022


Giant Floating Hong Kong Restaurant Tips Over In South China Sea

(Thanks to Steve K., who says "On the bright side, the lobsters got away.")


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I appreciate AI inserting sub-headings so I would be prepared for what came next: Topline, Key Facts, Big Number, Key Background, Tangent.
Don't think I've ever seen a sub-heading titled "Tangent" before.

Don't use the following items in boat construction:
> Rice paper
> Bamboo

******** insurance LMTD.

"Hong Kong’s Jumbo Floating Restaurant...capsized in the South China Sea... after leaving the city for an unannounced destination."

Despite being unannounced, they made it to their new location.

The Japanese occupied Hong Kong during WWII, floating Kamikazi restaurants were involved in the invasion, and were later instrumental in the initiation of the country's "showboat game show era."


Now featuring complimentary seaweed with every order.

With the economy being what it is, I'm surprised this made news. A lot of restaurants are underwater nowadays.

A restaurant in harbor is safe, but that's not what restaurants are built for.

I suspect a large insurance payout will be forthcoming ... and may have been a motive for "moving" the restaurant.

When the ship carrying Hellman's Mayonnaise to Mexico sunk, the citizens were so upset they declared a national holiday, 'Sinko de Mayo.'

I would consider 'Sinko the Ramen' to be worthy of the same honor.

No worries, it is a Chinese restaurant - it will be floating again an hour later.

Maybe Gordon Lightfoot could write a song.

She might have split up
Or she might have capsized
She might have gone deep and took water.

You could get one from column A and
One from column B.
With two or more you would get egg roll.

Marc---One more line, if I may.

The Rat Bell rang 29 hundred times for each rat in the hold
Of the sunken Ramen Restaurant.

New tagline for the restaurant: "Be sure to tip your server, we did."

Maybe the Front Fell Off.

Terrible news.

I've eaten at that restaurant. Very good Chinese food.

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