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June 30, 2022


Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring today, which makes this a good time to recall Justice Breyer's interaction with the blog at the Sun Valley Writers Conference back in 2014, when the blog explained some of the finer points of constitutional law to him. Here's the original post.

DB and Breyer



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"On some planets it is illegal to lick door knobs"!

Please don't take offense Dave, but that HAS to be THE WORST Diana Ross impression EVER!

I love this picture. On the other hand, Dave gives out some constitutional advice and just eight short years later Justice Breyer retires.

Notably, not a single decision denying the constitutional rights of squirrels has been accepted for review by the Supreme Court since then.

Hopefully He can render his decision on Van Staphorst v. Maryland before He gets the *HELL* out of Dodge despite the city not being founded until around 1871.

Thanks to this meeting, fart jokes are constitutionally protected free speech.

I know he’s done some writing. I hope you’ll be able to scoop him up for the next Rock Bottom Remainders gig.

Despite all the Supreme Court legal opinions and landmark decisions, there is not a single Pulitzer Prize winning Justice on the bench.

Dave needs to send his briefs to the President to review for future considerations. And DON'T wash them beforehand!

Let's go Brandon!

I am glad to see that both of you got the striped shirt and light-colored pants memo.

So many blog commenter names from that original post in 2014 who no longer visit here. Or maybe they retired.

Remember the evening themes? Caption the above photo! Dave says, "Imagine that I'm holding a bag of cash in my outstretched hands. How might that influence your opimion?"

OMG, I can’t believe how young you both look!

Hey there, pharmaross.

I acknowledge you submit many humorous bits and comments. However, some of us come here for a laugh and a respite from political stuff. I would appreciate if you post your political jokes/comments elsewhere. Please and thank you.

Economists warn today we are on the verge of shrink-flation. That's when products shrink in size but the price stays the same. I noticed it at the store today when I bought a Two Musketeers bar.

Dr. Pangloss

My apologies. I should never be posting immediately after reviewing my 401-k performance, grocery shopping and filling up the gas tank. I do miss the late great Johnny Carson who could skewer politicians from both sides of the aisle and do it in such a way, that nobody found it offensive. My bad.

@pr: "The economy has gotten SO bad!" Bloggers: "How bad is it?"...

A dated story but relevant.


You can now watch Johnny Carson 24/7 on Pluto TV. They have a channel showing reruns of nothing but Carson's Tonight Show. It still holds up.

I remember Dave's appearance on Carson's show discussing his book, "The Taming of the Screw"...
and a column about his behind the scenes visit to beautiful downtown Burbank and the NBC studios for his Tonight Show appearance.

Thanks Dave and fellow bloggers. We are still shaking with laughter from this insanely funny post by Dave and the comments, including the link to Dave’s article about his experience on the Johnny Carson show. We also notice the respect with which bloggers treat each other on this site -that might be the best part of all.

This economy is so bad, I told my psychiatrist that I'm developing suicidal tendencies.

My psychiatrist said, "From now on I want you to pay in advance."

The economy is so bad DMB may drop out of the 2024 race because the Electoral College tuition is just too high.

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