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June 02, 2022


Woman Is NYC Bar Hero After Calmly Grabbing, Removing Opossum That Wandered Inside

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Obviously, she wasn't about to be playing possum. If she had walked into the bar with a priest and a rabbi I would have thought this was some kind of a joke.

The Alaskan woman knew possums were good eating.


M'm! M'm! Good!

What's the difference between pussy and possum? None, aparently.

I really admire her courage. If I'd been there I would have been standing on a table screaming about how we were all going to die.

Nah! When we lived on Mid-Miami Beach, we had possums. They are all teeth and claws, but only when cornered. Even the street cats weren't afraid of them. The cats just kept their distance.

BTW, when cats get unruly, that's the way to grab them and toss them out. Only be sure to hold them away from you.

She was lucky the possum didn't turn on her when she let go of it.

To answer Dave's question: Yes!

When my wife had her knee replacement several years ago, I was visiting her in the rehab place every day at lunchtime (bring food because their offerings, not to put too fine a point on it, sucked big time). But I digress...

One day I left to go home and when I walked over a couple of blocks to where I'd left my car, I saw a few people looking on the ground in front of a building. And there it was...a live opossum! It looked scared to death, poor thing, and no, I have no idea what it was doing in Brooklyn.

Not a possum. Just a small NYC rat.

Half my time is spent at a place called Possum Kingdom, so those critters are no big deal. But in the city the damned things ate through my roof and got in the attic. No kidding, ate right through the shingles, tar paper, and plywood. And they set up shop right over my bedroom. I finally managed to trap them so I could repair the hole. And I let them out in a park far enough away they wouldn't find their way back to my house. Not that there aren't lots of others to take their place.

Wait til they get possums on the half shell (armadillos)

I was riding with my boyfriend in his new Trans Am like Burt Reynolds drove. (Yes, I’m a Geezer) The headlights shone on a baby possum, which froze. I, in my tipsy state ran on the road and picked up the baby and brought inside the car to
show my date. Possum promptly inserted 4 spiked teeth in my index finger.
I flicked my wrist and possum was flung on the Trans Am dashboard and disappeared. Much like the boyfriend. What did not disappear was the pain in my arm from a Diptheria Tetanus shot the next day and the pain of a possum breaking up my

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