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June 20, 2022


After Manistee River infestation, scientists try to unravel the mystery of ‘rock snot’

(Thanks to Dave Vander Ark, who thinks they should open for the Remainders)


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You try to breathe through your butt and things ike this are bound to happen.

"Rock Snot"? Sounds like the Remainders are suffering from allergies.

We can visualize the future commercials. A spokesman who looks constipated comes on your TV:

"Is YOUR river suffering from the heartbreak of rock snot? We at Acme Industries are striving to find a cure, but we need your help. For a monthly donation of only $19 or a Mear 63 cents a day, will help us help your river rocks become snot free.
To show our appreciation, we will send you a darling T-shirt saying, "We hate rock snot!" Call now and help keep our rivers snot free."

Manistee River Infestation has to be the name for Dave's next band.

Snot funny.

Before this pioneering work on rock snot algae, Lake Superior State was known for its annual Banished Words List (https://www.lssu.edu/traditions/banishedwords/). Mr. Language Person would probably recommend the term "Banished Phrases" as a more better usage. That being said, "rock snot" should be in the running for 2023. ("Asking for a friend" made the 2022 list.)


Actually, "ravel" and "unravel" mean the same thing, and I'm guessing Dave knows that.

Yes, I know, I'll go out and come back in ...

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