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June 20, 2022


After a young woman in Quebec City was hassled by multiple police officers for sitting on a blanket topless doing macrame while smoking a cigarette on a sunny day, a topless demonstration took place on Sunday in Montreal.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Free the nipple(s)!

On the plus side, all the radar guns were still in their cases. The bad news is that some of those porkers throw a lot of shade.

The cops never like it when you bring out the big guns. I bet they were spectacular!

Cop: "ou est votre bra?" Lady: "je ne sais pas..." (no charge for this translation.)

"a topless demonstration took place "

It was a small demonstration. There weren't that many people named Topless in Quebec City.


I guess it's legally less risky to go nude in Toronto, as long as it's on a bike. Naked Bike Macrame...it's a thing!

Do you like weaving macramé?
I do not like that macramé.

Would you, could you on a bike?
I would try it, if you like.
Could you, would you in the nude?
I could do that and not be rude.

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