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June 23, 2022


...kids in the blog's neighborhood sell homegrown mangoes, honey and rose apples.





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Farmer John

I can remember back in the ol' days when all the neighborhood kids had to sell were horse apples, two for a penny, cuz nobody wanted to hold one in their hand.

Tupelo Honey

I'll take ALL those mangos.

A buddy and and were walking down the tracks and found a large box which had fallen off a train. The box was from a nearby Lever Brothers soap Mfg. plant and contained dozens and dozens and like A LOT of beautiful floral hand towels. The kind you would get free in you purchased a large box of laundry detergent around the mid 1960's. So being the upstanding citizens we were being conscientious 13 year-olds, we immediately contacted Lever Bros. and returned the towels. No, No. We contemplated how rich we were gonna be then proceeded to go around the neighborhood knocking door to door selling the towels for 25 cents each or five for a dollar. People loved the deal and bought every one of the towels. If I can remember, I believe we made $30 dollars each for our good deed.

If I was walking down the tracks today and found a giant box of towels, I would ask twice that much for them.


Are we sure that those aren't Easter eggs from the Easter python?

I am certain these are the towels inside the giant box we found on the tracks.

When I was growing up we couldn't give away our excess zucchini, let alone sell it.

We’re living in the wrong neighborhood! Looks mouthwatering!

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