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June 20, 2022


RUBBISH BINS groan in pleasure and make sexually suggestive comments when trash is inserted in new Swedish initiative

(Thanks to many people)


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It might work better if the recepticles would STOP making noises when trash is inserted.

Always have your junk wrapped in a Glad Bag so it doesn't leak and drip into the receptacle.

Probably should distinguish between "trash" and "junk".

"Go ahead and stick your junk in me. Ooooh, I can't refuse your refuse!"

Modern Swede: "We can make a bin moan."
Ancient Sumerian: "That's nothing. We can make an AᗺBA cuss."

This might start making porn sound filthy.

Take out the papers and the trash...

If you try to throw something in the bin and it falls out do they ask: Just HOW cold was the water in the pool?

With my luck, the bin would kick out my junk and say, "Not today. I have a headache."

That should make the country a bit less depressing.

After complaints that the replies from the trash bins were inappropriate for children, the bins now respond with the song "Build me up buttercup".

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