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June 26, 2022


Take a frying pan.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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A Crock Pot.

I would wonder how effective a frying pan would be against venomous snakes. Finding out would make an interesting video for sure.

NOW you tell us? A bit late for that guy in Myrtle Beach whose HOA wouldn't mow the grass around the drainage pond.

He probably learned that from the Crocodile Hunter. CRICKEY!

Awww...poor baby crock!

Use an overhand motion. Like you are trying to hammer in a railroad spike.
It is exploiting a weakness in that animal's head structure.
You see, his brain is very small, but it is inside a rather large head.
When struck in a bony part of the face, it functionally "rings" his brain like a bell.
If not knocked completely unconscious, he will immediately run away.
A similar thing happens to a person if you use a cue ball in a sock.
Thank you.

"Do these eggs taste a little, I dunno, lizardy to you?"

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