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June 23, 2022


Giant Florida Burmese Python Had Hoofs in Stomach and Was Carrying 122 Eggs

(Thanks to klezmerphan and pharmaross)


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Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

Dave, you're gonna need a bigger toilet.

Are you saying those were the horse eggs?

I would think a hoofed animal wouldn't make a safe meal for a snake.

True story. I was tracing out a gold vein in Arizona when noticed a big rattlesnake rolling around in a dry gulch. It was obviously in distress. I got closer and started to notice bloody spots on the snake's belly. The bloody spots got bigger, then a horned toad stuck its head out of the snake's belly and scampered off, seemingly unscathed. That rattlesnake had rattled its last rattle.

Florida pythons must be a lot tougher than rattlesnakes.

Le Pet, some of the Florida pythons have been found dead as a result of trying to eat alligators.

Something much tougher than a rattlesnake is its distant cousin, the roadrunner. A few years ago I found a rattler dead because it had been decapitated. The body had puncture wounds characteristic of a roadrunner. Snakes are no match for this feathered dinosaur.

“ An intern on the project, Kyle Findley, told National Geographic that at first, he thought the scale was broken.”
Given the way we treat interns around here, I wonder just what scutwork he’s doing.

Will there be 122 gender reveal parties?

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