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June 21, 2022


Dear Dave​, In brief, we're working with a fast-growing dairy-free cheese brand


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Who wants cheese in their briefs??

It's indescribable! It's indestructible! Nothing can stop it!


Is it brie you’re looking for?

Gouda luck with your cheese endorsements Dave.

By fast growing dairy-free cheese, do they mean toe-phoo blended with belly-button lint?

If Dave is going to be cheesy, he's not going to be fake cheesy.

Wasn't THE BLOB a fast growing, dairy-free organism?

Sticks and stones, LeDud

"Dairy-free cheese" is the worst kind of oxymoron. Like "boneless spareribs," "fresh dried fruit," or "Einstein Bros Bagels."

Dear fake cheese emailer,
To quote from Shakesbeer, "to brie or not to brie, that is the question." To give a real sharp cheesy answer to your clumsy attempt begging for financing, NO!
We love the smell of cow farts in the morning. Plants have their place such as in barley and hops. Now I shall hop out of here and I hope a moose bites your sister.

So what non-dairy cheese pairs well with a tasty Frenchsicle Ketchup Pop? And does it need to be refrigerated after opening?

@C. Robbins - The cheese or the Pop ?

"In brief" - That may be taking casual day a bit far.

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