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June 24, 2022


Heroin pusher caught red-handed after his ringtone sang 'Hello, it's your drug dealer'

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Hello It's Me

In his defense, he just fat-fingered rug dealer on ringtone selector list.

Defending Owens, Anthony O'Connell said the dad-of-six had an "addictive personality" for drink and drugs and his life had spiraled downwards after "getting in with the wrong people".

Why even question his innocence?

Wait a minute...if he's the dealer, why would he have a ring tone for his dealer? He's using somebody else's stuff? Makes you wonder about the quality of what he's selling.

Messing with illegal drugs has been problems long before ringtones.


Should have gone with "I'm Your Candy Man." Have these people never heard of euphemisms?

This supply chain interruption will force customers to turn to alternative sourcing...

Their Doctors.

That is a very rough looking 48 years.

"He has 26 previous convictions for 159 offences .."

No kidding

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