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June 29, 2022


As far as we can tell, anyway. 


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Yes! They're working again! I hope Judi was able to get her old job back...


I guess Judi wants to keep us on our collective toes.

And they're spectacular!

Thanks for fixing the Blog. This is all I could come up in my search for potential answers to fix the problem.

Wow the 'fix' owns your face off. Now, every once in a while when I comment the Blog shoots flames out the screen. The first time I showed my friends and they saw it happen they were like, "whoa you rule!" I managed to get a a rad Blog screen headshot and my computer started smoking and I was like this is Satan's Up and Running again Blog! At this point I know I am in love with it posting again. I tested the 100 word post limit protocol and it was putting out like new and improved 200 word limit, how sweet is that??? Thats like 100 extra words of pure power, which is I'm sure is totally upping my megahurts. Oh yeah and at least once a day this Blog will now make rad noises like an electric guitar wailing. If your hardcore, this Blog is for you.

Now, no problem at all. Now, everything shows up written in Chinese. I cant even believe how sweet this Blog is.

Oh, the Chinese is tops. If you had problems with it before its only because you don't even know what you are doing!!!!

Please let us know when the Congressional investigation starts.

I was going to go to my nearest Starbucks and loudly express some opinions about breastfeeding mums in boxer shorts, but I decided better of it.

I repost the blog links on my Facebook. My friends think that Flathead County is a fictional place.

Qaz -- Are you saying it isn't?

Glad to hear the blog comments were fixed.

This is something to be happy about -- unlike how my dog felt when he got fixed.

Was it caused by squirrel ransomware?

...and there was much rejoicing!

@Dave - I was there, about 20 years ago or so. I stayed in Kalispell. Also when I lived in Calgary I was getting cable TV stations from Spokane and they had news from Kalispell and the area.
It is very pretty there.

The person for sacking Judi has been sacked.

Happy days are here again, the skies above are clear again,
so let's sing a song of cheer again, happy times, happy nights, happy days are here again! (Brought to you by DMB for president 2024)

No comment.

I'm imagining Stephen Stucker (from Airplane!) pulling the plug and then saying "Just kidding!"

And I know just how we can celebrate.

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