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June 30, 2022


The strange search for dinosaur genitals

(Thanks to GJ and Frank)


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Before I know what's happening, Vinther is enthusiastically explaining the many other features of the psittacosaurus' bottom in an arresting level of detail.

Dr. Vinther is apparently a lot of fun at parties.

Rule #34

The cavemen were attempting to answer this question of dinosaur sex practice. The lead scientist, the very late Thag Simmons, was getting a close look at stegosaurus sex when the spikey thingie at the end of the dinosaurs tail, now called the 'Thagomizer' sadly ended his studies forever.

Heavy Boulder Metal Aces, 'Tantamount Genitals' headlined the legendary 'Cretaceous Period Farm Aid Mosh Pit Celebrity Hootenanny' (see We Are the World). Special guests, 'Evidence of T. Rex's Penis Vicious Death Machine' destroyed the place. But not before a command performance by 'Brittany Spears a Parrot Lizard'.

Not to worry, no doubt they'll find them in the last place they look, most likely underneath a large lizard, which in retrospect does not sound all that strange.

Wasn't the planet just like one whole big swamp back then, not unlike those rednecks in the mudhole? So good luck with that.

I'm sure someone is getting a grant to determine if said genitals were circumcised. Once they find them.

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