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June 20, 2022


In a pinch, you might be able to breathe through your butt

(Thanks to Barry Nester and Ralph)


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Most of us seem to have mastered exhaling, anyway.

" your gut microbiome communicates with your brain "

If you've ever wondered how that bag of Doritos ended up in your shopping cart.

So scientists and researcher have discovered life in Uranus, but did they remove their heads from there first?

I've always wondered why the gerbils didn't suffocate.

Lots of people already talk through their butts, so breathing ought to be easy for them.


Oh, that's right, the respooratory system.

This subject was covered in South Park. The sad side effect of breathing through your butt is you crap out your mouth. Even the Surgeon General knew this years ago. For some reason, it has never caught on.


Who's going to do the training video?

I knew a remarkable woman who could breathe through her ears, but I had never heard if breathing through your butt.

nuh-uh no way

To test the hypothesis, scientists created a scenario in which pigs and mice in a laboratory were .. ventilated via the intestines. To improve the likelihood of oxygen uptake, some animals had their intestines scrubbed in order to thin the mucosal lining and reduce the barrier to the blood stream.

That ain't natural.

My 5 year-old grandson heard about that and every time he sees a turtle, he brings up this factoid.

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