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June 02, 2022


Not one of the items posted on the blog today, or for that matter yesterday, was sent in by nursecindy.


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As in not one, but two?

I especially enjoyed yesterday's post about the lion with straight bangs. I didn't post my comment there yesterday, but the lion immediately reminded of Lafawnduh, so I'll post it now.

*Note: This film cost 500K to make and grossed 40 million.

Lafawnduh is a great name BTW and largely responsible for several million of that gross.

I suppose that some outside force has suppressed nursecindy .. UFOs .. Bigfoot .. squirrels. I propose to send a St. Bernard with a cask of her favorite adult beverage on a welfare check.

I sent in a great story yesterday and it wasn't posted. Like I said on the Fans FB page Dave, I'm a forgiving person.

Note From The Blog: With all due respect to nursecindy, she sent in a highly non-unusual item about a guy who discovered a bear in his backyard. Apparently what made this item "great" is that it happened near nursecindy's house. Nevertheless we are grateful for her forgiveness.

Well I'm glad y'all have made up, otherwise I'd have to separate you two.

I for one would like to see nursecindy's bear story.

It's gotta be more interesting than another thousand stories about Australian snakes.

Don't make me turn this blog around!

Aww Dave! Bless your heart.
I guess you're right about it not being that interesting to anyone but me. I'll try harder next time and I'm sorry I called you Dan on the FB page and then posted a quote by Lewis Grizzard. I'll do better on that the next time too.

Keep nursecindy in the blog and nobody gets hurt.

We are just happy this incident was settled before we read about it on, "The Smoking Gun."

I personally think Nurse Cindy and Dan, er, I mean Dave, are in the same room right NOW, engaging n who KNOWS WHAT kind of barbs, or something maybe like that, right THIS VERY INSTANT!! Those kids...

So, Dave'd if you do, and Dan'd if you don't?

Poor Dave. Between myself and nursecindy, we keep him feeling pretty, what? Guilty?

We are both absurdly sorry.

"Between myself and nursecindy" was meant as a perfectly innocent comment, so stop.

"Between myself and nursecindy" was meant as a perfectly innocent comment, so stop.

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