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May 17, 2022


Hawaii is waging war on 'aggressive' feral chickens. The chickens are winning.

(Thanks to Barry Nester, Le Petomane and Rich Alpin)


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All those chickens, and nobody is worried about them crossing the road? Well, at least I gave it my all.

Aggressive Feral Chickens opened for Whitesnake.

I belive that in France this is what is commonly known s a "Croaked Monsieur" sandwich.

Overheard in a secure, aggressive chicken free, police bunker.

"Chief, we need to ask ourselves; what would Colonel Sanders have done to handle this problem?"

Henery Hawk could take care of this.

Just send in our crack Feral Chicken Marine Platoon. (putting our tax dollars to work)

Have we learned nothing from the Emu War?

Just send them Florida's pythons.

In the Chicken Army, do they have a "pecking order"?

Thank you...

Key Quote: "Unfortunately for Oahu's chicken-plagued residents, however, Senate Bill 2195 failed to advance."
I'm sure CPR opened for the AMA recently.

But seriously, why are the residents dodging problem chickens - I don't mean to be cruel, but wouldn't aiming for the feral chickens be part of an overall solution?

Could be much worse. It could be THESE chickens.

We have Muscovy ducks and the reason there are so many is that they are tough and taste terrible. I hear the reason the Do-Dos went extinct is because they were not only slow, they were delicious.

How about a cage match between them and Dixie Chicken?

Could the feral chickens have copters? That could be why they are winning.


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