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May 07, 2022


California man charged for opening door, walking on wing as jet taxis

(Thanks to man tom)


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So he wanted to help guide the plane to the terminal gate. Helpful gent. I suppose he’s a bit of a backseat driver too.

Very helpful, dude! Now you can "guide" happy hour at San Quentin.

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Hey Larry, where's the forklift?"

Since passengers are no longer allowed in the cockpit, what other options did he have?

Walking On Sunshine

"I'm flying, Jack!"

"But officers, there was this big mean looking probably venomous snake an' the voices told me to help get everyone off the plane out to keep them safe. .... Trust me, it was the nastiest, bad-tempered, killer snake you ever set eyes on. You'll see when you catch it.

"Uh...The snake WAS there. You can trust me...Hey, that canvas shirt with long arms won't fit me..."

Maybe he saw something.

That plane was a 737-800. The 737 sits pretty low to the ground, which explains why he didn't break something when he jumped off the wing. New tactic for those people who hate waiting for the plane to taxi up to the gate.

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