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May 20, 2022


Apparently not.

(Thanks to Fearless Phil)


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No. They're too cute to be considered dangerous. That's their superpower.

Remember, the original recepie for Brunswick stew was rabbit and squirrel.

And the rabbit is not the Caerbannog variety.

Squirrels are basically just rats wearing merkins.

I don't feed the local squirrels/chipmunks etc. bacon or anything else. It's not that I don't like them, but I had a ±200 pound Black Bear come strolling through my back yard yesterday, and I don't want it knocking on my door.

Bacon? Really? Who expected any other kind of reaction? Haven't people seen what happens at the breakfast the buffet at their local hotel when fresh bacon is set out? Chaos! People climbing over tables! Total anarchy!

On a side note, I saw Bacon-charged Squirrel Attack open for Meatloaf in the 80s.

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