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May 25, 2022


Snake Bites Man on Butt as He Sat on Toilet Playing Video Game

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Video games? I didn't even know snakes sat on toilets. And although I know almost nothing about snakes, if I walked into a bathroom and saw one sitting on the toilet playing video games, I sure as heck wouldn't sit on it. They have really sharp teeth, right?

You've misread the headline. It was the toilet, not the snake, that was playing the video game.

What kind of a toilet has thumbs Barry?

I had a toilet snake at Home Depot bite me.

A little research would disclose that the toilet was in a
sweatshop factory with assembly lines. Management keeps snakes in the toilets to keep employees hopping, not wasting time playing video games. The cost of a replacement python will be deducted from this employee's pay.

He'll think twice before he says 'take a bite of my arse' again.

Billy, if I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times, if you keep playing video games on the toilet, you'll get bit by a snake!

I think it would be proper to make a pair of snake skin boots.

And how do they know the snake's preferred pronoun is "he/him"? That should be "as THEY sat."

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