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May 13, 2022


A strip club outside of Las Vegas is supporting Ukrainians in their struggle against the Russian invasion by hiring strippers from the war-torn country.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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In a case such as this one, we can't come to a fair conclusion quickly. It will require first-hand research over
a period of time. We have no doubts many governments agencies will travel to Vegas for a taxpayer funded fact-finding study.

We *might* have the results in a few months unless the researchers can't agree. In which case the subject will require more in-depth study.

"We don't exploit women. If anything, we exploit men."

This guy has a future in politics. Send him to Washington!

Slava Ukraine.

I assume the strippers will get trained in guerrilla warfare tactics and general physical fitness.

Let's hope Russia never invades Antarctica.

So the Fatherland gets invaded by the Motherland and then becomes a refugee working for the Homeland?

It's a safe idea to tip Ukranian strippers generously.

Most of the 100,000 Ukrainian refugees to the US will be women, whatever those are.

Ukrainian trans-women are being told they must return to battle and fight the enemy. Clearly they don't air MASH reruns in Kiev.

An old buddy of mine needs help. He's volunteered put up 2 young Ukrainian women in his home and needs someone to take in his wife and kids.

"Jiggle joint." Okay.

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