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May 27, 2022


Marlborough residents have been warned of possible sewage “blow backs” coming up their toilets as work begins to clean the region’s wastewater pipes.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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And you know that this is going to happen to somebody who's using it at the time. Not only will they be blown off the seat, they'll have two or three snakes flying through the bathroom, too.

That is NOT the proper way to snake a toilet.

That will take care o the toilet snakes.

To be fair, the residents' own "blow backs" are how the pipes got soiled in the first place.

Most of us have heard of 'fish falls' where fish rain down from a clear blue sky. Now, the folks in Marlboro will have to expect a toilet snake fall. Oh, the humanity!

The proper phrase for when this happens is: "THAR SHE BLOWS!"

I had the good timing to knock on my daughter's door at the same moment as the toilet in her half-bath off the rec room "blew up." She answered the door in a panic, telling me, at a very rapid pace that water just went flooey out of the loo. I guess she was nearby when it happened, because she described it, but was not herself wet. Part of her concern was that she had spied a drip from a pipe in the basement earlier in the day and she had turned the water off to that fixture and was afraid she had done something wrong that caused her toilet to blow up. I assured her that the two were not related and explained about gases in the sewer, and what the function of traps and vents were and helped her mop up the water.

I blame this tragedy on LOW FLOW TOILETS, which Dave covered as a National Concern probably some twenty years ago. Or maybe a couple years ago, I'm not good with time. But I do know that we need someone in charge of this country that has the foresight to act on concerns, such as toilet laws, as well as a lot of other things I'm pretty sure are real important. Go to the polls, folks. Vote Dave.

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