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May 24, 2022


Crews remove last functioning pay phone in New York City

(Thanks to Alan Dean and The Perts)


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So who you gonna call? Nobody. Can we get a hold of Ghostbusters on twitter?

Superman is going to be PISSED!

Horrors ! Where will we find a city telephone book ?

I still can't believe the way I found out about a live interview with the producers of future-tech fantasy Black Mirror a few years ago was via a paper ad posted on the side of a public phone.

This is terrible news for Clark Kent, but London has let Dr. Who keep his police call box, Tardis. At least so far...

Why didn't they take all the broken ones instead?

@Clankie - one of my sons plays tuba. Tubas come in different sizes: 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, and 5/4. When kiddos start playing, they use a smaller version and the school used telephone books wrapped in duct tape to boost them. When the kids graduated to the next size tuba, sometimes they would need an extra phone book. I got used to my son telling me when so-and-so needed one or two phone books, but there was a shorter guy who needed three phone books.

Regarding pay phones: there are so many movies that feature phone booths or pay phones. Sometimes it's hard to explain to my grandson that not everyone had their own phone and there were no cell phones.
We recently watched What About Bob?. In that, Bob uses a payphone by having a prostitute call his therapist and pretend to be his sister. Later, Bob waits at the Guttman's coffee shop for Dr. Marvin to call him there on a payphone. And the Marvin's home had wireless phones with antennae. Other landline phones had cords. When Harry Met Sally also featured landline phones.
Dave, thanks for helping me feel old.

MOTW - A family from a large city on vacation stopped for lunch at a restaurant in a small town. They asked the waitress for a phone book to boost their toddler up in his seat.
She was rather confused by their request, but brought them the 3/8-inch thick phone book anyway.

Back in the day, our library would trade phone books with firms in NY and LA

I saw a real live pay phone on Navy Pier -- a company had a multi-decade deal at some point in the past. I suspect it is now an albatross. Young folks took selfies next to it.

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