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May 17, 2022


'Voracious' Jumping Worms Can Leap 1 Foot In The Air, Destroy Soil

(Thanks to Rich Klinzman)


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Are they implying that jumping worm fecal matter is a suitable substitute for decaf?

It's amazing the size of fish you can catch using these worms for bait. We used them for ice fishing last winter. No problems, but you do have to whack them a time or two to settle them down enough to get them through the ice hole.

Frank, it might be easier if you made the hole a little bigger.

If he made the hole bigger he wouldn't need the bait, he'd just reach in and catch them bare-handed.

I wonder if they are a major component of Mexian Jumping beans?

cfjk- When you ice fish in a lake that hosts an underwater monster you need to take care not to become a statistic. The monster is always on the lookout for a big ice hole so it can grab a slow fisherman.

Jumping worms...surely a sign of impending doom.

This story gives me a fuzzy worm feeling.

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