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May 23, 2022


Loving County judge arrested for cattle theft

Excellent Name For Suspected Cattle-Thief Judge: "Skeet Jones"

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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This guy's lucky. Earlier in my own lifetime, cattle rustling was still a capital offense (no kidding, Le Pet). It's not any more. But had this guy done this as recently as the 1970s, he'd be headed for the Death Chamber.

There is nothing lower than a cattle rustling judge.

That doesn't sound very loving, especially for a judge, unless he's got a thing for cows?

Rod--In Texas, they could likely rate this a "special case" and reinstate calling cattle rustling a hanging offense. Hanging a sitting judge would rate a country and Western concert and parade along with bringing more attendance than a Barry Manilow show.

Who knows, in Texas it might even start a new TV reality series.

"Ma'am, in Texas we don't got no cattle what needs ruslin', but we got plenty of folks what needs hangin'." - Some Texas Judge a few decades ago.

Le Pet, if there's going to be a C&W concert, the concessionaire should be the Waylon Jennings Museum and Liquor Store.

No kidding: https://www.roadsideamerica.com/tip/23815

Keep them doggies rolling.

If I'm reading that right, four guys selling three cows constitutes "organized crime"? I would have thought the bar would be a lot higher than that.

@Ron G- The population of Loving County was 64 in 2020. An organization of 3 is a significant portion of the population.

Ah, good point! Everything is a matter of perspective.

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