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May 24, 2022


Nine-year-old boy discovers puma in school toilet cubicle

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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Well, the cat needed to go too.

I see there are no other comments. Wassamatter, cat got your tongue?

On the plus side, he didn't see any snakes.

Just another senior prank. Happens here all the time. Nothing out of the ordinary.

At least they didn't fire a blank at the ceiling and have the thing die of a heart attack in the principal's office.

Can you say Pampers for life?

As a famous man once said: " Watch out for the Pumas in the crevasses ! "

Ten years from now, the same boy would love to discover a cougar in his dorm room.

Glad that no one was hurt, but I'd wager that kiddo will have nightmares for a while.

That’ll cure your blockage right quick.

At least the kid was in the right place.

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