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May 19, 2022


Wisconsin man celebrates 50 years of eating Big Macs every day

(Thanks to Rick Stevenson, who says "A life well spent.")


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Gag me with a whole place setting.

I eat a Big Mac about once a year and that's plenty for me. No way could I eat this many. I have a friend that loves them but always removes the piece of bread in the middle because, according to her way of thinking, this makes them healthier.

"2 all beef patties special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun..." Who says advertising doesn't work ? I probably saw these ads 50 years ago.

@NC - I once had to help clean a hoarder's apartment. It was a last minute request, so I had no money budgeted for meals. I ate a McSausage/Biscuit with coffee, but lunch and supper were Jumbo-Jacks. I haven't eaten either since then, and that's been about 20 years.

I think I lost my taste for Big Macs sometime in the early 70s. I suppose the Hamburglar might have run off with it.

His haircut is ever-being.

I think my last one was in 2008, and that was only because there wasn't a Whataburger in the town where we'd stopped.

Is he insinuating that the "special sauce" is addictive?

Plot twist: The preservatives have taken over, and have been powering him for the last 10 years.

Let's see .. two a day for 50 years .. minus 8 days .. that's roughly 36,510!

What MOTW said. That is perverse, to say the least. I may have eaten one Big Mac in my life, maybe. I can't remember the last time I set foot in a McDonald's, but it was definitely to get a drink only. No fast food here, man Mr. Gorske can have my share.

That's almost 20 pounds of beef!

In depth reporting would have disclosed Gorske's cardiologist drives a Bently.

When I had bypass surgery, I asked my cardiologist how long I would be in the hospital. He said if the surgery was successful, maybe 10 days. If it doesn't work; 30 minutes.

Because I like you folks, I'll pass on telling my McD story, except to say it has been 35 years since I've stepped inside one.

On the other hand, he never has to come home and wonder, "What am I going to eat?"

If I remember correctly, the cost of a Big Mac was 75 cents back in the day… I suppose they were a bit more the last time I had one.

What I find more impressive is that he has heard the question, “Do you want fries with that?” on a daily basis for 50 years without physically attacking anyone.

Compared to 9 cents for a cheeseburger that was almost overpriced.

Wait, shouldn't McDonald be paying HIM?

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