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May 27, 2022


Why California’s rattlesnake population is booming

(Thanks to Ranald Adams and Le Petomane)


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I've heard that the demand for snake porn has been going up out west.

I was hoping this involved a lot of cherry-bombs & hammer-heads.

Since Texas has even more of them, maybe this will mean the snake-fearing Californians will start moving somewhere else.

Rattlesnakes play an important part as both predator and prey. They help regulate the population of ground squirrels, and also serve as food for owls, hawks and eagles.

You nimrod. You failed to explain the odd noise they make during population booming sex.

OMG! The author doesn't go into the problem of the exploding owl population due to the exploding rattlesnake.....

Is this because it's so hard to tell when a snake climaxes?

We forget that prospectors in the Old West sometimes kept rattlesnakes for pets.


I need help viping my vindows. I think I'll get one of those snakes.

What drives population booming rattlesnake sex, you ask?

If the rattlesnake population is spontaneously exploding, I fail to see the problem.

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