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May 15, 2022


Engineer who designed Sask. bridge that collapsed hours after opening facing disciplinary hearing

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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My advice to the guy for screwing up the Dyck Memorial Bridge. Oh, here I almost forgot to include my advice to the Dyck.

To be replaced by the Dyck Memorial Bridge Memorial Bridge.

It appears that the Dyck Memorial Bridge will have to be re-erected.

I think the cold Canadian river water caused the Dyck bridge pilings to shrink.

Many moons ago there was a tv program called Captain Nice. In one epsiode an unscrupulous contractor replaced the concrete in a bridge with oatmeal. Made a marvelous sound when the mayor cut the ribbon and it dropped into a river.

Have you heard that really convoluted metaphor about poorly constructed bridges?

It's hard to get across.

RM administrator, in a public forum: "We don't need this bridge."

Well, the administrator got his wish, just not how it was expected.

This story gives one such a comfortable feeling when you fly in an airplane build by the low bidder, doesn't it?

Good thing no one was hurt. When I was growing up in Vancouver, B.C., my parents told me about the June 17, 1958 collapse of the Second Narrows Bridge while it was under construction. Apparently it was an engineering miscalculation, and 19 were killed. Singer Stompin’ Tom Connors sang about it in the "Bridge Came Tumbling Down":

Could have been worse.

Surprise: the engineer didn't know what substrate he was building on.

How many people know the soil type under their house, or ask about it before buying?

It's time to study some dirty books.

I've been 35 years in the construction business. That engineer is in heap-big doo-doo.

I was once involved in a project where we did do soil borings, but missed a deposit of peat moss under one corner of the building. After a year that corner had sunk eight inches. Everybody sued everybody. It was lots of fun.

Did they try putting viagra in the support columns, but can't they just replace it with the Dyck Memorial Ferry?

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