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May 17, 2022


Man Invents The ‘Burrito Bumper’ That Collects All The Dropped Food And Places It Into A New Burrito

(Thanks to Ralph)


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That's why in eastern Europe the burritos are wrapped with cabbage leaves.

If this guy doesn't get the Prize, there is no justice.

He invented a funnel?

Heck, I invented something I call a "plate" to collect the dropped food, and also something I call a "fork" to gather it.

Anyone with a dog knows that any dropped food will be taken care of without having to buy some gadget like this thing.

Terrible idea. If you can't enjoy the escaped ingredients with your fingers, life just isn't worth living.

Let's be honest, all we're thinking about is his unsettling moustache.

An effective "burrito bumper" could've saved the Edsel.

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