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May 17, 2022


“You’re sleeping in the middle of the road… your pants are down.”

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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That is NOT the proper way to conduct a police sting operation to rid the area of street-walkers.

Words can't describe...well, maybe they can.

"You're sleeping in the middle of the road... your pants are down."

"Your point being...?"

"You're sleeping in the middle of the road... your pants are down."

Opening of Dungeons and Dragons: The Urban World

Why don’t we do it in the road?

We have things like this happen here so often, it never makes news. However, this happening to a Police Chief is a new twist, even for Flathead County.

He was just demonstrating how not to behave.

Brian Pesce -->
Absence RIP
Brace pen1s
Bean prices
Ban recipes
Pees in crab

Freedom came his way one day
He lay there on the ground
All of a sudden I see Chief Pesce
His pants were down
So I shot a video, I shot him laying down, I say
I shot the police chief, but I did not shoot above his knee
I shot the police chief, but I did not shoot the deputy

So I guess if the top guy messes up, and nobody files a complaint, it's like it never happened. His predecessor got crossways with the FBI, so he's gone.

@man tom - nice one

It's a wonder they didn't report his BAC. Like, several articles on this story did not report his BAC. This guy makes Chief Wiggum look decent.

"following the resignation of disgraced former Bordentown Police Chief"

He's keeping up tradition.

MOTV - His BAC would register as what is commonly known in Phlebotomist circles as, WNRAT.

(will not remember a thing)

Take it from a guy who lived with a girl who could drink an entire fifth of Jack Daniels Black minus a shot and a half left at the bottom of the bottle. This happened frequently. No only was she WNRAT, she often was not wearing clothes.

Sorry, I addressed you as MOTV. I know it is MOTW. What is MOTW short for? You can tell me, I won't remember a thing.

man tom- Your mentioning the Jack Daniels girl reminded me that we haven't had any updates on your Iranian bar maid neighbor for a while. We do hope she is not in jail again.

Le Petomane - two days ago mrs man tom and i heard a terrible noise like someone was being beaten with ball bat. Wee both rushed to the widows in the front of the house to see. It was Just Sheeba the Iranian Bar Girl next door wishing Ayatollah the man next door, her boyfriend, a send off as he threw his car in gear and drove away never looking back. I once head them throwing each other against the wall in his garage. I witnessed her patting a responding officer on the top of the head while responding to a disturbance she created. She hasn't lately, but in he past has a parade of ambulances, paramedics, fire trucks and multiple police cruisers resspond to Ayatollah's call for help as He is beaten about the head and face.

You have probably forgotten we had a security fence installed in front of our front door. She caused such a disturbance once a neighbor called the police on 'us' reporting a woman was screaming in our house. I explained to the responding officer at my doo it was not our house but the house next door with the psycho living there. He holstered his gun, decided not to cuff me and did not enter the house gun drawn looking for the screaming woman.

I will say some day, she will cause someone in the neighborhood to be seriously decapitated. At minimal, someone is going to loose a nut.

Hey, remember the time she told me from a distance, "you're the greatest guitar player in the world." Then she went out and bought a set of drum and beat them until everyone in the neighborhood went insane after begging for mercy.

Sheeba The Iranian Bar Girl is alive and well. She has been taking her meds in recent times. I know because I haven't see Ayatollah walking around with a butcher knife protruding from his.

If you don't hear from me for any extended time, you'll know she set my house on fire and I no longer have access to the internet.

@man tom: many years ago on this blog, someone who went by mudstuffin guessed it. Mrs. Oswald Thwacker-Weasel.

Mrs. Oswald Thwacker-Weasel: I am shocked and personally gratified that you made a potty-mouth remark that featured the juvenile f-word twice.


During my research I learned the Thwacker-Weasel's came over on the Mayflower with Jodi Foster. Kind of takes you you back a ways.

@mt: Don't forget that Elizabeth Warren was also on the Mayflower of whom nearly 30 million living
Americans are direct descendants.

She may run for president under her Indian name, Dances with Marxism.

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