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May 21, 2022


Ohio deputy encounters 'drunk Amish guy' slumped over in moving buggy: 'The horse knows how to get home'

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I didn't think the Amish were supposed to drink.

He got drunk on one can of Bud Light? I didn't think that was possible.

The reporting wasn't clear. Did the horse, or the buggy blow a .063 alcohol test? Anyway, why did the cop pull his car in front of a buggy and allow it to get hit in the first place?
That horse, even if it had been drinking, was still within the legal limits of most civilized states.

Isn't that same horse in: "Over the river & through the woods, to Granmother's house we go"

From Barney Miller, "The Desk":

Det. Ron Harris (Ron Glass): "Telephone number?"
Caleb Webber (Jeff Corey): "Ain't got one."
Harris: "Social Security number?"
Webber: "Ain't got one."
Harris: "Driver's License number?"
Caleb Webber: (firmly) "Ain't got one."
Det. Sgt. Arthur Dietrich (Steve Landesberg): "Amish belief prohibits any government affiliation, such as receiving Social Security numbers. It also prohibits the use of any technological device unless its in the Bible right?"
[Caleb nods]
Harris: "You can't drive a car?"
Webber: "No automobiles in the Bible, sir."
Harris: "Or go on an airplane?"
Webber: "Not in the Bible."
Harris: "No movies? No television? No discos? What can you people do?"
Webber: "Got 14 kids. That's in the Bible."

The horse learned to take care of drunks years ago from a former owner.


^5 @wanderer2575! :-)

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