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May 09, 2022


It has been brought to our attention that we didn't post anything yesterday about Mother's Day. We apologize. We were busy attending our daughter's graduation from college. We hope you blog moms had a fine day.


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Congratulations to Sophie!!!!

That is pretty cool. Congratulations to your daughter, Dave and family. Beware of Dustin. Hoffman.

*She graduated really fast!

Congratulations, Sophie! and thanks, Dave

Wow, that is HUGE. Super Congratulations to Sophie and Mom and Dad.

Congratulations to Sophie!
Wait, wasn't she just born?

Congratulations to Sophie and her parental units (to use the vernacular…)

She really flew through school!

My mom is doing okay, by the way. Despite lack of any mention here, we gave her a special day.

Congratulations to Sophie!

Congratulations to Sophie! Glad to hear graduations are able to proceed normally now.

Congrats to Sophie! Mazel tov!!!!

Congrats and all best to Sophie! Seems like just yesterday we were reading that her college start was delayed due to her health issue. I hope you arranged a special capper for the day by taking her home in the Wienermobile.

Congratulations, Sophie.

My niece Blythe is graduating this week too.

Time sure flies.

Congratulations to Sophie!

Mazal tov to Sophie (and to her parents too, of course :-> )

This was a big holiday over in Egypt. Mummy's Day.

Have Joy!

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