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May 07, 2022


Do not, under any circumstances, click here.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Sometimes you feel like a nut...

Still better than screwing a couple of bolts into your nuts.

He's not fooling anybody. We know it was really only a 9/16.

Not half as bad as trying to tighten your loose nuts with a pair of vice-grips.

To abridge using a dental drill to free his willy:

"The man's penis had to be sprayed with water to cool it during the process. The patient complained this wasn't the hot sex he was expecting."

This is why you NEVER mix SAE with metric or cross-threading will be the result, and if he thought THAT was painful just wait until they have to use a thread cleaner/chaser on the old tool!

Penis rings

Aisle 20, Bay 004

If only it had lasted.

*The first comment is interesting.

Had it lasted forever.

I;m guessing he doesn't have brass balls.

Although unidentified, the man with his foreskin so swollen that it could not return to its normal position and was 'strangling' his penile tip currently fronts this band.

His new book, 'Strangling' My Penile Tip: How I Became a Country Western Legend, goes on sale in late August.

Those things should have warning labels.

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