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May 12, 2022


Angered that a neighbor’s chicken had been “pooping on the back patio,” a Florida Woman allegedly retrieved “a bucket of pee from her bathroom” and proceeded to douse the bird’s owner with the foul liquid, according to an arrest report.

(Thanks to Ralph and pharmaross)


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The scent of a woman, can't wait for the Netflix version.

That's not the proper way to do golden showers.

"and proceeded to douse the bird’s owner with the fowl liquid"

Makes sense. Except that she should have doused the bird.

"What's that bucket of pee in the bathroom for?"

"I'm about to allegedly retrieve it and proceed to douse the guy next door with it?"

"Well, I'm going to the store, if you wait till I get back I'll fill it to the top for you."

Who among us doesn't keep a bucket of pee handy?

What a pisser!

And all this time I thought that Florida had indoor plumbing.

I'd rather have a bucket of pee thrown onto me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.

The 12th secret herb and spice.

No jury would ever convict her.

I wonder if they'll exchange gifts a Christmas time?

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